Power Foods International is one of Australia’s leading sports nutrition manufacturers.

Power Foods International Pty Ltd is 100% Australian owned and operated business, and one of the only companies in Australia to operate a sports nutrition exclusive manufacturing facility. At the forefront of the sports nutrition industry for over 20 years, Power Foods International Pty owns two high quality and trusted brands, as well as providing customised sports nutrition contract manufacturing services for large scale domestic and export markets. Power Foods International Pty Ltd was the first Australian manufacturer to achieve certification as an Informed Sport Registered Site and holds various other quality, procedural and safety certifications.


Protein Powder Supplements


One of Australias premier sports nutrition brands with an outstanding reputation for creating quality high performance protein powders and supplements. Vitalstrength’s innovative and delicious range of premium formulas are available in over 2000 retail stores Australia wide.

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With a comprehensive range of premium protein powders and supplements, UPROTEIN™ appeals to serious athletes who consume significant amounts of specialised supplements to support intense competitive training and athletic pursuits.